Marksmanship Program

Take your shooting skills to the next level and challenge yourself in the NRA Marksmanship Program

Ricochet Range is pleased to announce we are a training location for the NRA/Winchester Marksmanship Program. Through this program, you can take your training to the next level. This program is a self paced program which allows each member to practice skills other than repetitive trigger pulling. Each discipline starts at a low difficulty, and gets harder the more you progress. Each discipline takes time to complete, but if you have the determination you can complete it in one day.

The best part, you do not even need to be an NRA member to participate in the program. 

Courses you can complete at Ricochet Range


Course Target 1 Target 2 Link
Pistol AP-1 AP-2 Download
D-1 N/A Download
TQ-6 TQ-7 Download
Air Pistol B-40 N/A Download
Air Pistol
B-40 N/A Download


Course Target 1 Target 2 Link
A-17 A-32 Download
A-17 A-23 Download
Air Rifle AR-5 N/A Download
Air Rifle
AR-5 N/A Download
For Disciplines outside of Ricochet Range


Some information on this page is proved from

1. Ricochet Range, LLC will track tiered members free of charge. If you are only a brass member, each discipline requires a $1.00 processing fee.

2. For courses we are tracking for you, if you are a copper or steel tiered member, your rockers are provided free of charge. If you are a brass or lead member, you can purchase the rockers at the retail counter.

New Range Times Wed-Mon 11-9

ATTENTION: All firearms brought to the range, must be in a closed container.