The main sales floor will consist of the major brands you know and love.  We will be selling many items localized to South Carolina.  The sales floor will offer firearm rentals so you can try before you buy.

Ricochet Range will offer 10 lane training bay with a top of the line target retrieval system.  The range will offer full climate control, ventilation system, and sound abatement on the walls and ceiling for noise reduction.  

The firing range is a membership status only range. We will offer a tiered membership system ranging from day memberships to annual memberships with LOTS of perks. Membership packages for couples, families, groups, and corporations will be available.

Want to host an event with a group of friends? Enjoy the use of the facilities while staying out of the South Carolina weather. 

Shooting groups are welcome to reserve the range in advance and utilize the use of one of our own range officers to ensure a safe event.

Shooting Groups 



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Things are moving along great with the site construction.  Soon you will see the range take shape. Like our buildings, our web site is also undergoing some major reconstruction. Please like us on Facebook to get the latest news as soon as we post it.

Ricochet Range LLC is currently under renovation and construction and will be opening its doors this December 2019 for retail and the Range will be open January 2020.


Ricochet Range LLC is Sumter’s Premiere Shooting Sports and training location. We will offer a fully automated state-of-the-art target retrieval system where you will be able to fire your pistol and rifle up to 25 yards, an observation area, top of the line ventilation, and of course heating and air conditioning!

Our services will also include memberships, retail, rentals, and on site training.  


Have a question? Send us a message, we would love to hear from you.


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"Precision Through Practice"


1410 HWY 15 S. Sumter, Sc. 29150